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bFlash Slave

€2,900.00 ex. vat

bFlash Slave

bFlash Slave

€2,900.00 ex. vat

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bFlash is a new, unique and revolutionary tool for automotive professionals, tuners and engine calibration engineers.

bFlash® is much more than just an ECU programming tool, it simply can’t be compared to any traditional flashtool.
Despite Alientech KESSv2 / KTAG, Autotuner, Byteshooter NG, CMD Flashtec, Dimsport NEW-GENIUS / TRASDATA and Magic Motorsport  being good tools for simple read/write operations, bFlash found them to be missing many important features, both on the developer side as in daily use.

The tool can be linked-up with other popular software programs like WinOLS from EVC, it’s extremely suited for use by tuners.

By keeping all the OEM functionalities and technologies (S-CAN, FlexRay, SENT, LIN, PSI5, Ethernet,…) it’s ensured that bFlash will be able to handle any automotive ECU to 2030.
At the heart of the hardware design you’ll find the NXP MPC57xx Microcontroller, it’s the same MCU used by several OEM programming and/or debugging tools which ensures ultra-fast data exchange with the car’s ECU.

The remaining hardware components are used for the various programming methods that are supported by bFlash, like OBD CAN, BDM, Boot, DoIP Ethernet, Flexray, Jtag and many more.

Key components

  • Processor NXP MPC57xx
    3 individual cores @160 mhz coming from the quoriva family: CAN-Bus, Flexray, DoIP, K-Line & more!
  • Flexray: Dual TJA1080
    A/B channel @ 10 mbit/s, with bus cold start ability.
  • DoIP: DP83848C PHY
    Up to gigabit ethernet with integrated 1:1 magnetics
  • CAN Bus: Dual TJA1051
    Able to communicate simultaneously on 2 bus.
  • JTAG Buffers
    Logic shifter with active bus protection and automatic 3.
    3/5V power supply switch.
    Up to 25 mhz JTAG!         
  • USB: FTDI FT2232H
    Native windows driver for ease of installation.

bFlash is truly an all-in-one tool and comes packed with a complete set of exclusive software features required for professional ECU reprogramming.

bFlash Slave includes:

  • Read/write files from your Master Tuner only
  • OBD, Bench, BDM, Boot & Jtag
  • All accessories and cables
  • 1 year subscription included (value: €600,-)
  • External power source included.

(Note: These 7 Free credits are only available if the slave is linked to the Master version of

TRANSFER: Slave transfer involves fees and requires mandatory subscription update (in case subscription is not active).


* Please note that we obligate Slave users to be linked to our Master tool for at least one year when purchasing a slave tool in combination with free CFS credits from



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