ChiptuningFile-Servive.Com has existed for many years and is engaged in professional tuning of motor vehicles and now also has a webshop ProTuningTools.Com

We offer a wide range of services related to ECU tuning. The company is located in Zwanenburg in the Netherlands.

Protuningtools has a growing number of partners and customers who are actively working with us, refining and expanding our offering. We not only supply ready-made tuning solutions, but also tailor-made tuning solutions.

We strive to be a reliable partner with solid, reliable and fast support for our customers. So that individual wishes and adjustments can be handled quickly and professionally.

All our files are developed and checked on our dyno dynamometer. On our dynamometer, we can test vehicles or custom-built cars with a power output of up to 1600 hp!

We are here to accommodate your special file tuning needs.
We can offer a wide range of individual customer options such as drive mode customization, pops and bangs, krakle maps, catalytic converter/DPF/EGR/Add-blue unsubscribe, etc.

We work with flash tools from the likes of Alientech, CMD, Autotuner and more. Be the first to offer your customers the latest tuning software for brand new cars!

We are always working hard on the latest tuning files for new cars entering the European market in order to be the first to deliver these ECU tuning files to our customers!


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